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The female boudoir is no longer a taboo subject. Although still shrouded in mystery, the Victoria's Secret brand made sure that everyone had the opportunity to choose beautiful lingerie and accessories that emphasize femininity. Regardless of whether it is an elegant working woman, an active sportswoman or a mother raising children at home – every woman deserves a little pleasure. The VS store offers products that pamper the senses and allow the clients to increase self-confidence in every situation.

The manufacturer cooperates with many brands, offering underwear for the needs of every figure. Curves are supported by shape-supporting technologies. In turn, sensual lingerie with a modern cut adds spice to the bedroom. The wide range of the store's offer is complemented by a series of cosmetics with attractively visual packaging, which are a perfect gift. The products contain proven ingredients with caring properties and captivating fragrances. The brand's offer includes luxurious perfumes, mists, gels and balms.


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Company name: Victoria's Secret Romania

Company address: Șoseaua București-Ploiești 42D

City: București

Zip Code: 07-719

Phone: 728508850


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